Writing Your First Drift Help Article

In this article, we'll go over how to create your first article and all the options you have in the article editor. If you haven't gotten acquainted with Drift Help yet and need to create your first categories and sections, click here.

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The Editor

When you click New Article in the Add... dropdown menu on the top right of your screen, you'll be dropped in to the article editor. Here's a quick tour and explanation of what's going on.

  1. Article Title - Click here to edit the article title that shows at the top of the article page on your site
  2. Article URL - Click "Edit Slug" to edit the URL of the article. There's also a "View" button to see what the article looks like on Drift Help
  3. Add a Heading - Click to add a heading to your article, and begin typing. Click this again to cancel the heading
  4. Text Editing, Links, and Images - Standard text editing including bolding, italicizing, underlining, number lists, and bullet lists. You can also hyperlink text and insert a saved image here.
  5. Callouts - There are 3 options for callouts: tip, note, and warning. More on those below.
  6. Article Status - An article is one of 3 statuses: Public (available to view by anyone on your help center), Private (anyone with the URL can see it live), and Draft (only available in your Drift Help dashboard)
  7. Category/Section Organization - A dropdown menu to select which category and section the article will fall under. Articles must be in a category but don't have to be in a section.
  8. Delete - Delete the current article


There are 3 types of callouts - tips (blue), notes (yellow), and warnings(red).

Tips are useful for helpful hints to your readers.

Notes are useful for pieces of caution, advice, or important information.

Warnings are useful to alert your reader to avoid a certain action or make sure they double check something

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